Central London Office Report
  • The vacancy rate reduced to 4.5%. Its lowest since Q2 2008 when the vacancy rate was down at 3.9%.
  • There is currently 13.4 million sq ft under construction across central London, with 599,926 sq ft (4%) due for completion before the end of 2015 and 5.4 million sq ft (40%) due before the end of 2016.
  • Prime rents across all central London increased by 7.1% compared to Q3 2014.
  • During Q3 2015, central London investment totaled £2.8 billion across 45 deals, marking a 14% decrease on the previous quarter and a 23% decrease on the five-year quarterly average.
    在2015年三季度中,伦敦城区办公物业投资交易总额28亿英镑总计45个项目,与上季度相比下降14%, 低于五年季度平均值约23%
  • After seven quarters of yield compression, Q3 2015 signifies the first quarter that we have seen no yield movement in any of the subareas since Q3 2013.
    在连续7个季度下降后, 本季度的租金回报率是自2013年三季度以来第一次取得稳定

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                               2016 ECONOMIC AND PROPERTY MARKET REVIEW   2016 英国经济和物业市场展望

  • Despite a slowdown in economic growth in 2015, the UK remains one of the best performing developed economies. Forecasts point towards GDP growth of 2.3% in 2016, similar to 2015 and close to trend, although the global economic backdrop is not as benign as last year.
  • 尽管2015年经济增长放缓,英国仍然是发达国家中表现最好的经济体之一。预计2016年GDP增长2.3%,与2015年接近,尽管全球经济预测依旧低迷
  • Low levels of development activity mean that shortages of quality space have become increasingly apparent. This, combined with improving occupier demand, should continue to underpin rental growth.  
  • 较少的开发量意味着高质量物业存量减少,同时租赁需求依然旺盛,引起租金继续增长
  • Annual rate of rental growth for distribution properties in 2016 is expected to be 4%
  •  预计物流仓库2016年租金增加4%
  • Overseas buyers remain highly active, accounting for nearly half of the value of purchases in 2015
  •  海外投资商依然活跃,在2015年接近总量50%的投资源于海外投资商

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